Leadership Klamath Registration

$ 675.00

Register for Leadership Klamath 2017/2017! Classes start in September!

Leadership Klamath was developed by the Chamber in response to the ongoing need for leadership in all areas of public service. For participants,  the program creates a comprehensive and objective awareness of the Klamath community in action. The program fosters commitment to our region and develops leaders to meet the demands of the future. Since its inception , more than 250 people have graduated from this distinguished and popular program.

Leadership Klamath identifies and motivates emerging leaders and develops their potential for community leadership by exposing them to the realities, opportunities and challenges facing of our area. For ten months, participants attend seminars, tours, lectures and briefings. The program challenges class participants to become more involved in the decision-making process of Klamath County in political, social and business arenas.

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