2017 Rural Business and Innovation Summit Registration

$ 99.00

Doing business in rural communities is both rewarding and challenging! The Rural Business and Innovation Summit will inspire entrepreneurs to accelerate innovation, cultivate a successful business ecosystem within their communities, and take advantage of opportunities for growth. 

Startups, entrepreneurs, corporate business leaders, accelerators, and investors will come together to exchange ideas, share experiences, and discover best practices that provide a competitive edge and lead to thriving business in rural areas. 

Our interactive sharing sessions will provide you with the latest thinking and best practices on:

  • assessing the current economic and employment situation
  • accessing funding and markets
  • creating a collaborative culture of innovation and managing the process in your organization
  • finding opportunities for growth
  • dealing with risk and failure
  • identifying local investment opportunities
  • understanding the psychology and mechanics of entreprenuership

and much more! 

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